Tyre Damage

Knowing what to look for on your tyres is important to you as a car owner. If you notice something out of the ordinary with the way your tyres look, you need to get it checked out right away. You do not have to be an expert mechanic to know the basics of what to look for and when something looks wrong. To make the best judgments, you need to know the difference between the treads and sidewalls of your tyres.

Your treads are the parts of the tyres that are coming in contact with the road as you drive. They are what help your car grip the road. The sidewall is the part of your tire that withstands the pressure as your car moves. When the car is standing still, the pressure is down onto the treads. Once the car starts moving, the pressure moves to the sides. The sidewalls are built to be strong, but there can be damage done to them that can make them bubble or bulge or even get tears in them. When this happens, the tyre is beyond repair and needs to be replaced straight away.

When you notice something wrong with the sidewall you need to replace your tyre right away. While there may be some small cracks in the sidewall that can happen over time as your tyres get older, anything else should be checked by a mechanic. Driving with a bulge or cut in your sidewall can be very dangerous, since it can affect the internal part of the tyre and leave it vulnerable to a blowout, which will make you lose control while driving and cause a serious accident.

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